Mi Sports Shoes 2
Xiaomi Mi Sports Shoes 2

With Xiaomi’s ever-expanding product lineup, there’s a new lifestyle product to add to the list. Xiaomi launched it’s Mi Sports Shoes 2 in India lately, and they are already on a roll.

The best part about the Mi Sports Shoes 2 is that it costs less than half of a premium sneaker’s cost. With offering a great combination of comfort, style and durability. The on feet look of the shoes can rival out most premium shoes from mainstream shoemakers.

The shoes are priced at INR 2,499 during the funding period but the cost will eventually go up to INR 2,999 once they go on sale. You can book them now during the crowdfunding to avail INR 500 discount. However, they will start shipping from March 5.

The shoes are available in three colors- Black, Dark Grey and Blue all priced at the same rate. Buy during the shoes during the crowdfunding program from Xiaomi Mi Sports Shoes 2.

Xiaomi Mi Sport Shoes 2

The shoes are manufactured using a uni-moulding process which uses 5 separate layers and materials to make the sole. Xiaomi boasts shoe’s fishbone structure helps it provide a good fit and comfortable cushioning while dealing with accidental sprains. You can also wash your shoesin a regular washing machine.

Since it’s from Xiaomi, many would be wondering if it comes with some tech inside it, but it’s a not a smart shoe like Xiaomi Mijia sneakers. It doesn’t come with a chip in the sole or LEDs or any other self-lacing tech, but it does follow Xiaomi’s smart design and quality.

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