ViperOS is another one of those custom ROMs available for Android users to flash onto their device. It is developed by a team of Brazilian developers who are keen to offer their users a clean and “pure Android experience with useful features”. The ViperOS team likes pure Android, but it does look better with some more details, right?

ViperOS is based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). It is aimed at giving the users a great experience. The team promises to offer useful resources for day-to-day life. Some basic features of the custom ROM include a theme engine for the users to customise as per their likings, customisations to the status bar, lockscreen, some system customisations, etc.

ViperOS details and version

ViperOS is the place to be if you want a stable ROM with tested features, minimal bugs, and no bloatware. The team prioritises performance and battery life and offers a lightweight interface to its users.

Design and Interface

The design of the ROM is clean. As promised by the developers, there is no bloatware. The ROM prioritises battery life a lot which is why the device has a black theme enabled by default. The UI is also simple and minimalistic. Making customisations to your device is very easy and doesn’t require you to be a hardcore tech junkie. There are easy to do steps and menus which will guide you through each hurdle.

Simple design on ViperOS


ViperOS follows Google’s security measures and options. As with any official Android ROM by OEMs, ViperOS also gets monthly security patch updates from Google so users don’t have to worry about getting malware on their devices.


As it is with all custom ROMs, ViperOS also offers a lot of options to make changes to the existing features of the device. There are simple menus which can let you make all sorts of changes to the look and feel of the device. You can make changes to the quick settings, battery display style, clock and date, even the carrier label. Another important bit to note is that there will be virtually no lag on the device because this is not a very heavy ROM.

Customisation options on ViperOS

Download ViperOS

ViperOS can be downloaded from the official website here.

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