Google search engine is great. It is fast, reliable, and almost always shows you the links that you’re looking for. It is undoubtedly the most popular search engine too, with over 70% of the search market share. However, as they say there are no free lunches in this world. You’re also compromising on bits like your privacy and data while using Google Search.

So, what other options do you have? There are a few search engines which are arguably better than Google at showing search results or even protecting your data and privacy. Here are 5 top Google Search alternatives.



DuckDuckGo touts itself as “The search engine that doesn’t track you”. It doesn’t track, collect, or store any information, so you’re safe to search for your next pair of sneakers or a trip to Goa without being bombarded by ads on other websites about the same.

Don’t forget that there still are ads on DuckDuckGo but the search engine doesn’t utilise “Google Ads”, so they won’t be personalised to your interests/search results. It doesn’t keep track of your searches and it has its own web crawler too for getting search results.

Why use DuckDuckGo?

  • Infinite scrolling instead of search pages doesn’t break continuity
  • Doesn’t track search results and minimal ads (one-ad-a-page)
  • Can add as extension to the browser



Microsoft Bing is the second most popular search engine after Google. It offers a more visual search experience to users in comparison to Google as it has a background image that changes daily. Just like Google, Bing features ads and abilities such as conversion, translation, spell check, sports score, flight tracking, etc.

Why use Bing?

  • Best search engine for video search
  • Beautiful backgrounds that refresh daily



Yahoo has been around longer than Google and was one of the most popular search engines at a point of time. It still exists but doesn’t quite get the amount of traffic. With a little over 3% market share, it is safe to say that Yahoo’s best days are behind them. However, you can still use it if you want to. It’s an important search engine in its own right, with over 600 million monthly users on mobile and one billion total users. Yahoo’s web portal offers a variety of services ranging from sports to travel that are worth checking out.

Why use Yahoo?

  • Many other services on offer apart from search



Another privacy-focused search engine, Qwant is based in France. The website claims to never to record your searches or harvest your personal data for ad-targeting.

Searches on Qwant are displayed under three categories: Web, News, and Social. For music lovers, this site has a dedicated section where you can discover new music and lyrics with the help of AI. Qwant also has a “Quick search shortcuts” feature that lets users do quick searches on websites like Amazon, YouTube, and more.

Why use Qwant?

  • Excessively focused on privacy
  • Can also act as a music search engine

Search Encrypt

Search Encrypt

Search Encrypt takes privacy to the next level. If you’re using Search Encrypt, you can be assured that your data will never be used for ads or anything because the search engine blocks online trackers and uses local encryption to secure your searches.

One thing that differentiates Search Encrypt from the rest of the lot is that your local browsing history expires automatically and gets deleted every 15 minutes of inactivity. So, you need not worry even if someone else has access to your computer.

Why use Search Encrypt?

  • Auto-delete feature for browsing history
  • Industry level encryption with AES 256-bit and SSL

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