SwiftKey Incognito
SwiftKey Incognito

For all those people who are not much familiar with an incognito mode into the browser, when enabled it allows you to visit any website without the browser adding the site to your browsing history. In other words, it allows you to browse and use the website without being saved and anyone knowing the sites you visited.

With that in mind, you should also know that many of the third party keyboards apps keep track of the words which you type to get to know your typing style. This means that the app will remember words that you might want to keep private.

Many of the mobile keyboard apps have their incognito mode, like the very much popular keyboard SwiftKey as this prevents the apps from storing the words that were typed by you. To enable the incognito mode on the SwiftKey, users have to turn on the incognito mode for their browser and the keyboard app as well. The issue is that sometimes users forget to turn on the incognito mode for the keyboard and all of those naughty words which they typed could come as a pop-up.

But now there is a solution that is being now tested on the SwiftKey beta application, which is found in the Google Play Store. As now the app has added an automatic incognito mode that will simply put the keyboard into incognito mode once it simply detects that the browser is already set to the privacy mode.

This will work with most of the Android browsers, and you will be able to tell if the incognito keyboard model is on thanks to the gray background. Please be warned, as you could even experience some of the bugs within the app as it will be in beta mode.

Install SwiftKey Beta from Google Play Store

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