Samsung 6G
Samsung 6G

When 5G networks still haven’t reached to certain parts of the world and 4G LTE still being a standard mobile network in many countries,  Samsung has already started research on the next generation 6G network.

The current team on telecommunications technology standards has been expanded to start leading research on the 6G network”, a Samsung’s spokesperson recently said.

The efforts have already begun with Samsung developing a new center – Advanced Communications Research Center, a part of the company’s main R&D organization in Seoul, South Korea.

The Samsung Research website says “Already in Europe, China, and the United States, there are open discussions on the need for research on 6G, the next generation after 5G, and the first research projects are already underway across the globe.”

With 5G still in its early stages, the concept of 6G is still years ahead for people to get their hands on. Currently 6G is nothing but a cellular technology named after 5G, and it’s probably years later that we will learn any meaningful facts & figures. In fact, even 5G going mainstream will take a couple years.

Besides telecommunications, Samsung Research has also laid its interest on conducting R&D around artificial intelligence and robotics. There were some speculations of 6G seeking of integrating satellites on a global scale to provide faster internet speeds and higher data rates than 5G, according to the International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology.

With many countries still to launch the 5G services, it’s likely that based on the 3G and 4G timelines, we won’t see 6G rolling out until around 2030.

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