As a cyber-defensive measure, the Government of Russia will reportedly be going to perform a trial run of a measure that would effectively cut off the country from the rest of the globe.

Moreover, Russia revealed its Digital Economy National Program, a plan that would also require the Russian Internet Providers to remain functional in the event that the country was cut off from the worldwide internet. Under this plan, the Russian ISP’s would redirect web traffic to routing points just within the country and rely on its own copy of the Domain Name System, the directory of addresses and domains that underpins the global web.

The test run could also be useful and essential to the country for a few of the reasons. Moreover, Russia aims to stimulate the drastic measures as it would take in the case of some kind of cyber threat to its national security. But for a country for its restrictive environment for the press freedom and individuals the test may also be a useful way to see that how the country would wield a more closely held internet to control its own people and guard against foreign interests.

The extreme measure, if successful, would allow Russia to effectively operate its internet and cut off from the globe as its seriously fit. While the test date is still not yet known, it is also expected to happen before the 1st of April of this year, the last day for the lawmakers to propose some of the amendments to the digital economy national program.

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