Magisk Root Manager

Rooting an android device is never been easier. There is a lot of tools and apps available to make the process as simple as possible, no matter what device you’re looking to root. Some of them them are SuperSu, KingoRoot and many more. Magisk is one such tool, and is easiest way to root out of them all.

Magisk has become popular in recent years as more Android features have been secured with Google’s SafetyNet system. With Magisk, you can have root and custom mods while still using services like Google Pay. It works by leaving the system partition untouched and modifying the boot partition. And so it is referred to as a “systemless” root method. It’s very easy to install once you have all the components in place.

What You’ll Need to Install Magisk:

  • A device running Android 5.0+
  • Custom Recovery (how to install)
    • We’ll be using TWRP in this guide.
  • flashable zip file.

How to Install Magisk:

Assuming that you have already installed a custom recovery on your device, the first thing you’ll need to continue is file.

  1. Download the Magisk zip file here.
  2. Copy the downloaded zip on your android device.
  3. Now power off your device and boot into recovery mode.
  4. Once you are in TWRP, select the install option.
  5. Locate the downloaded file and swipe right to flash.
  6. Tap on Reboot>System.

Install Magisk Manager App

How to Root your android
Magisk Manager

The Magisk frameworks is now installed on your device. To manage it, you’ll need the app named Magisk Manager. This is what will allow you to install modules. Download the latest Magisk Manager APK and make sure you have ‘Unknown sources’ enabled in the Settings. Simply install the app and open it.

The Manager app allows you to adjust root settings and to install magisk modules, which are installable mods. The app doubles as a repository for a bunch of great modules that can easily extend the functionality of your device. Using the Manager app is an important part of getting the most out of this root method.

Happy Modding!

How to Uninstall Magisk and Unroot your Android:

  1. Download Magisk uninstaller here.
  2. Reboot into TWRP Recovery.
  3. Tap on install option and locate the file.
  4. Swipe right to flash.
  5. Tap on Reboot>System.

That’s it. You now have uninstalled magisk and Unrooted your device successfully.

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