PUBG Mobile Series 2019
PUBG Mobile Series 2019 - Picture taken from

Great news for PUBG fans in India! It’s time to show off your gaming skills and make your parents proud by earning some huge amount of money in the biggest mobile gaming PUBG tournament.

Tencent Games has announced the PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 tournament with a total prize pool of INR 1 Crore. The registrations for the event are open, and there is no registration fee. The registrations will close on January 23 so hurry up.

Rules for the PUBG 2019 India Tournament

  • Participant must be an Indian resident.
  • Players should have an account of level 20 or above on their PUBG Mobile game.
  • Squad only tournament. There are no dual or solo matches.

Schedule for the tournament

  • Registrations – January 9 – January 23
  • In Game Qualifier (From Jan 21 to Jan 27) – Play 15 Matches in Erangel with your registered squad. 10 best matches out of these 15 will be considered for advancing to the next round.
  • Top 2000 teams from the Qualifier will compete in Online Playoffs ( Feb 10 to Feb 24)
  • Top 20 teams from Online Playoffs will participate in the Grand Finale. Grand Finals will we in March and exact dates are yet to be announced.

Prize distribution and awards

  • Winning team 30,00,000 (30 lakhs)
  • Runner up:  10,00,000 (10 lakhs)
  • Third Place: 5 lakhs
  • Fourth Place: 2 lakhs
  • Fifth Place: 1.5 lakhs
  • Sixth Place: 1 lakh and so on upto 10th place.
  • Oppo phones worth 40 lakh to be won.

There are also multiple other awards for individuals and team in the Grand Finale each worth 50,000.

  • MVP Award – Payer with maximum number of MVPs.
  • The Exterminators – Team with maximum kills.
  • The Healers – Team with highest number of revives.
  • The Redeemer – Player with the highest health restored.
  • The Lone Ranger – Player with maximum kills in one lobby.
  • The Rampage Freak – Player with maximum survival time.

For more information go through the PUBG Mobile India 2019 Series website.