NASA commercialize the ISS

The International Space Station (ISS) is now open for business. NASA has put forward the plans to commercialize the ISS – from tourism to filming movies and commercials.

The decision came so that “U.S. industry innovation and ingenuity can accelerate a thriving commercial economy in low-Earth orbit”, NASA’s chief officer says. In this previously untapped domain, investments will now boost.

Every year, around two to three private astronaut missions will be planned. Each mission will cover around 30 days of stay, as per Robyn Gatens, Deputy Director of ISS. Moreover, tourists can visit the orbiting station from 2020, at a price of $35,000 (Rs 24 lakhs) per night. Challenging, yet promising milestones have been set in sight by NASA.

Also, NASA plans to join hands with Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Boeing to build capsules serving as transportation system. In addition, this collaboration will bring forth new advancements. We know both of them haven’t been best of allies, but this cause is a boon for all players. With Musk’s rocket re-usability and NASA’s over-watch and investment, bleeding-edge concepts will hopefully be executed.

The private commercial entities will choose their clients as well as ensure that each of them meet the required standards to fly in space. Security is rightfully the most important aspect here. Hopefully, it will be overseen with strict regulations.

US businessman Dennis Tito became the first private tourist to visit ISS in 2001.

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