Made in India iPhones could be cheaper

While Apple has enjoyed great success overseas with its iPhone business, it hasn’t been able to reap the benefits from its iPhones in India, primarily because of the exorbitant prices of the devices. The Indian smartphone market is filled with mid-range phones produced by the likes of Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, etc. Even Samsung has some India-specific phones for the same price range.

As a result of immense price wars, iPhones have struggled. But those days could now be of the past as reports have suggested that iPhones will become cheaper. Foxconn, the Taiwanese contract manufacturer has been working to produce the iPhone X and iPhone XS models in the country. Notably, another manufacturer named Wistron is already producing iPhone 7 for India. The Made in India smartphones will cause the prices to drop for the iPhone lineups in the subcontinent.

Apple looking to manufacture in India

In a report from Reuters, it is rumoured that Apple’s iPhone XS and iPhone XR will be manufactured in India and the phones could reach the stores next month. Both the premium phones will be manufactured by Foxconn in India and the stores could get the handsets starting August 2019. So far, neither Apple nor Foxconn has confirmed anything.

iPhone X

Last year, Apple tried to reach more people by offering a ‘budget’ iPhone XR. However, with prices starting from Rs 76,990, it wasn’t exactly what Indians considered budget.

With local manufacturing, iPhone prices could go down by up to 30 percent. This could make the phones more accessible than before. The iPhone XR could get a price tag of approximately Rs 42,000 whereas the iPhone XS could be starting from Rs 70,000.

However, Wistron is already manufacturing the iPhone 7 in India and the prices on those devices haven’t gone down in the Indian market. It remains to be seen what approach the Cupertino tech giant will follow with the newer generation of iPhones.

The decision to reduce prices could be driven by the need to increase its market share in the country, which is currently dominated by the likes of Xiaomi and Samsung. Latest data shows that Xiaomi currently has a 29% share in the smartphone market, followed by Samsung with 23%. Compare that to the iPhone’s 3% market share and you can see why Apple would want a bigger slice of the pie.

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