Intellij IDEA is the best IDE in the market for Java developers, unfortunately the Ultimate edition is expensive to buy and the trial edition only lasts for 30 days. There is a way to use the Ultimate edition beyond the 30 day limit by resetting the trial period. We provide a bash script for Intellij trial reset on a Mac.

Here are the steps to reset the evaluation period for Jetbrains Intellij IDEA on a Mac. The script provided includes resetting Intellij IDEA, RubyMine, Pycharm and Webstorm.

The script is written to perform trial reset on 2018.2 versions, but it can be easily modified to other versions too.

  1. Close any running instances of application whether Intellij, Pycharm, Rubymine or Webstorm.
  2. Copy the above code to a file and name it “”.
  3. Open the terminal. cd  into directory where you created and type chmod a+x , this is to make the file executable.
  4. Run the file by typing ./ into the terminal.

If you face any difficulties running the script, mention in the comments section below and we’ll try to help you. Also note, college students can apply for license through the Jetbrains website.

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