phone with instagram

Instagram does not have any way of downloading images by itself. There are multitudes of apps which offer to download images for you. However, they are often bloated with ads or simply do not work. We’ll be explaining a way to download images from Instagram without any apps, just with the help of our browser. Without wasting more time, let’s get to the trick.

We’ll be using this image of a cat for demonstrating, you can use the same method for any image. All you need for this is a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, whatever you like).

We’ve explained 2 methods.

  1. Works on a computer, since it uses the web developer tools of the browser.
  2. Works on both mobile phones and computer.
METHOD 1 (For Computer)
  1. Open the post in a web browser of your choice (Firefox/Chrome, whatever you prefer). Use the share button, copy and paste the link in a browser.
  2. Right click on the image and select, inspect element .
  3. The web inspector will open, which allows us to look at the code of the website.
  4. We simply have to look at the highlighted line, and click on the arrow head above the highlighted line.
  5. The box will drop down to reveal some more lines and the URL of the image, which is what we were looking for. Select the whole link between the src=” “ and copy it.
  6. Simply paste the link into another tab, and we’re done. You can simply right click on the image and Save the image.

METHOD 2 (For Mobile & Computers)
  1. As in the above method, open the post in a web browser of your choice. Use the share button, copy and paste the link in a browser.
  2. Add “view-source:” in front of the URL in the address bar and press go.
  3. A page which has the source code of the webpage will open. Click on Search/Find in page and type “.jpg” in the search box. Make sure you are scrolled to the very top of the page before searching.
  4. The very first search result is the one we’re interested in. Select the whole URL between “ ”.
  5. Open it in another tab and Voila! Long tap the image and save it wherever you want.

That’s how you can easily download Instagram images just with your web browser. If you want to download videos from Instagram, check out our guide here on how to download videos from any website.