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Paytm Money

Paytm Money integrates with Paytm Payments Bank to allow seamless transactions

To open a wealth management option for the Paytm Payment Bank customers, Paytm Money will now enable investment for the bank customers seamlessly. Bank customers, who are as of now currently...

Russia Plans To Disconnect From The Internet

As a cyber-defensive measure, the Government of Russia will reportedly be going to perform a trial run of a measure that would effectively cut off the country from the rest of...

Google Says New ‘Adiantum’ Cryptography Will Bring Storage Encryption

Google has now developed a new cryptography based encryption solution for the entry-level smartphones which is running its Android OS to help safeguard data. Adiantum, which is a new form of encryption...
Open Appliances

Open Appliances equipment raises $1.3M funding

Open Appliances which is a Smart Locker maker has now secured Pre Series A funding round of $1.3 Million from the KARSE MVEN Fund and Unicorn India Ventures. Some of the...
Qualcomm Snapdragon 712

Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 Released for Mid-Rangers

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 SoC was announced about a year ago. The 700 series is a slight step up from the mid-range 600 series, but not quite on the high-end 800 series level. We’ve...
Google Password Checker Extension

Google Releases new Password Checker Extension

In the ever-expanding Information age, one thing that has become a lot valuable is the user's data. Some of the service providers access your data with your consent of course, whereas some...

SoftBank invests Rs 2,800 cr in IndiaBulls Housing-backed OakNorth

Indiabulls Housing Finance on Friday revealed that SoftBank, which is a Japanese based Bank is now investing around Rs 2800 crore of equity capital in its associate OakNorth, which is a...

Indian start-up Oyo to enter US market

OYO which is the hospitality company has now been aggressively expanding across the globe including China and is now soon going to enter the US market by making it one of...
Mi Sports Shoes 2

Xiaomi Mi Sports Shoes 2 launched in India 

With Xiaomi's ever-expanding product lineup, there's a new lifestyle product to add to the list. Xiaomi launched it's Mi Sports Shoes 2 in India lately, and they are already on a roll. The...

Zomato secures Rs 284 Cr funding

Zomato, which is the restaurant discovery and online food ordering service has now secured Rs 284 crore in the funding round from the US investor Glable Brook Capital Partners as a...

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