Refurbished phones
Conditions of refurbished phones

Ask yourself this: Do you really need the latest Snapdragon processor or that extra 2GB of RAM? You can buy a refurbished phone. You can easily live with a phone from the previous generation of processor and shaving off a couple gigs of RAM wouldn’t hurt as much as you think it would. It wouldn’t pinch the pocket a lot too!

The smartphone market is highly inflated right now. Flagship phone prices are crossing the 60-70k barrier day in and day out. In such a market, it can become difficult for you to buy the newest piece of tech that becomes available on the shelves.

Moreover, if you buy a refurbished phone, you can get last year’s flagship phone at a fairly reduced price, sometimes even at the price of a budget phone. And because it is a flagship, the performance will be better than newer generation budget phones. You also would not have to compromise on features like the display quality, premium finish, and the flagship-level camera.

So, now that you have decided to go for a refurbished phone, what are the things you should know before buying one?

Refurbished vs Used

You might be confused between ‘refurbished’ and ‘used’ or may even use them interchangeably. However, both are different terms. A ‘used’ phone simply means a second-hand device, which gets handed over from one user to another. A ‘refurbished’ device, on the other hand, means the device goes through a reconditioning/restoring process. The phone you get at the end is as good as new, but not completely new. The body will usually not have any nicks/scratches and all the problematic parts of the phone will be replaced with new.

Refurbished vs New

The most common argument people have against refurbished phones is that they aren’t as good as new phones. Several tests and studies done by organisations have shown that while technically, the statement is true, but in practice, you’re not missing out on a lot while buying refurbished. A few things to keep in mind is that you may not get the same packaging out of the box for a refurbished phone as you would for a new one.

The unboxing experience can be a bit different because of this. However, if you’re buying a refurbished phone directly from the manufacturer, you can be assured that the original accessories will find their way towards you inside the box. It is still a good idea to check them once you get the phone.

Amazon's Certified Refurbished section for refurbished phones and other devices

If you buy a refurbished phone from an authorised/big reseller or directly from the manufacturer, more often than not the device will come with up to a 12-month warranty period as well, just like the new device.

Price Differences

Just because it’s a refurbished unit does not mean the price will be drastically reduced. Prices largely depend on the year of release of the device as well as the level of restoration done on it. Sometimes, the price difference between a new and refurbished phone will not be a lot. In these cases, it is up to you to make the choice; do you want to save 4-5k or just spend that extra moolah and get a brand-new device.

Where to buy?

It is a good idea to avoid portals like OLX because you’re more likely to end up with a used phone rather than a refurbished one. Amazon has its own section which deals with “Certified Refurbished” phones. Flipkart has also recently launched a website which deals with refurbished devices. : Flipkart's new portal for refurbished phones and other appliances

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