Android Q
Android Q hinting dark mode.

Ready for yet another new version of Android? Last year, Android P, the pre released version which later on became Android ‘Pie’, released right after two months of preview build being shown. So we’re probably not far away from Android Q as the preview build for the next Android is here.

The infamous Android website XDA Developers has gotten its hands on a pre-release version of the Android Q and has produced an article and video detailing what’s inside. Please be noted that this is a pre-release alpha version of a developer preview, and there are plenty of things that are subject to change. So far, it looks like Android P’s dark mode is extending to more of the system UI, and permissions controls are getting a revamped look.

Android preview built
1.Android preview built
Android preview built
2.Android preview built

Watch the full in depth-review of the new preview build of Android Q by XDA-Developers here.

As Google explained at its own developer conference recently, the increase in use of OLED screens has resulted in dark themes using less power overall than white themes, so switching to a dark theme will actually result in better battery life.

According to XDA, For apps that don’t currently have a dedicated dark mode, Android Q has an Developer option called “override force-dark.” This will force a dark mode even on apps that don’t have a dark mode available, and XDA says it partially works on apps like Facebook and Web browsers.

As XDA is still picking through its build of Q, so we’ll probably hear more about it in the future. If Google sticks to its usual timeline, we should also get an official Developer Preview and announcement in about two months at its Google I/O 2019.

Pixel Devices again to be among the first to recieve Andorid Q update?

It’s also a safe bet to say that Google’s pixel devices will be among the first devices to receive Android Q update followed by OnePlus and Nokia devices. Also Android Q is announced to be the last update for Essential phone, the same device which was the first device to recieve the Android 9.

As google follows a unique naming system for its android versions. So according to you, what can be the name of new Android Q update? Do tell in comment section.

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