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Using an App Lock on your device is the best way to keep your apps invulnerable to others. Nobody wants their private chats, personal photos, and other data to be seen by someone else.

The present-day Android smartphones offer robust security features like fingerprint scanner, face recognition, etc. However there’s no option to lock individual apps in stock Android. Unlike iOS, where you need to be jailbroken to lock apps with Touch ID, Android provides numerous apps which allow you to lock apps through a PIN, password, pattern, or fingerprint scanner.

Here are some of the best app lockers for Android available on Play Store in 2019 –

10 Best App Lock Apps in 2019

1. AppLock

AppLock by DoMobile Lab is undoubtedly the most downloaded app locker app on Play Store currently. With over a 100 million downloads, it’s the most popular app for preventing your individual apps from unauthorized access.

You can set up a pattern, pin, password, or fingerprint recognition. Moreover, in addition to locking apps, you can lock incoming calls, uninstalling apps, and other features such as Bluetooth, WiFi, Mobile Data, etc.

The app comes with an in-built vault to hide all user’s personal photos and videos from gallery.

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2. Norton App Lock

Norton has a huge reputation in Anti-virus softwares industry for dealing with malwares and viruses. It also provides an app for locking smartphone apps for added security. Norton App Lock can be used to lock specific apps by setting up pattern, PIN, or fingerprint. It can also recommend you about which apps to lock.

Besides app protection, it can also prevent app uninstallation, and has a feature of secretly capturing photo of intruders who wrongly enter the password 3 times.

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3. AppLock (by IvyMobile)

Its another popular applock app available on Play Store for free. Like other apps, you can set up pattern, pin, password. It can even lock system apps such as SMS, Gallery, Email, etc.

The app provides setting up an invisible pattern lock which is useful in the case of someone peeking at your smartphone. In addition, the app also provides multiple themes. Also, you can replace the applock icon with a fake icon of some other app like calender, calculator, etc.

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4. Hexlock

Hexlock consists of an attractive interface and multiple features. There a number of modes namely School, Work, Home, Parental, Party, etc, which you can choose, with each mode setting specific apps to be locked when it’s active. Hence, this feature can be useful at places where, for example, you want your social media apps to be locked.

Besides app locking, it also offers Media vault which serves the purpose of securing the media items imported into it. The images or videos imported into the Media Vault cannot be accessed from the in-built gallery app or even a third-party app like MX player.

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5. AppLock – Fingerprint

AppLock-Fingerprint developed by SpSoft is a great app for locking your apps with fingerprint scanner on your smartphone. It also supports PIN, password and pattern, and the feature to capture photo of some intruder trying to unlock your phone.

The app has a unique feature of offering a lock pattern of grid 18×18 instead of the usual 3×3. Moreover, it can display some false message instead of a locked screen, and only on tapping it twice, it will display the option to unlock.

The app is available in 30 different languages, and you can also buy the premium version which is ad-free.

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6. LOCKit

LOCKit is another popular lockapp which has a built-in file scanner, notification cleaner, and phone booster. You can set up pattern, pin, or password, and can choose the option of invisible pattern for additional security.

Furthermore, you can hide your private media from your gallery and place them inside separate vaults. You can also prevent uninstallation of locked apps. It’s available for free on Play Store with no in-app purchases.

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7. Perfect AppLock

Perfect AppLock developed by Morrison Software has features of locking through PIN, password, pattern, like other locking apps. It also supports locking WiFi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data, etc. It can also display false messages.

It also offers a great feature of remotely starting the service through a SMS command. Moreover, it includes a “Screen Filter” option where you can control screen brightness of each app and a rotation lock to block unwanted screen rotation. You can also upgrade to premium version for ad-free experience.

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8. Smart AppLock

Smart AppLock developed by ThinkYeah Mobile is an easy-to-use lockapp available on Play Store. With Smart AppLock, you can secure all your private content in a vault which is protected by a password. This app is light and consumes lesser memory than others.

It also provides features such as delayed app locking, break-in alerts, and supports fingerprint recognition for Samsung smartphones.

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9. Keepsafe AppLock

Keepsafe AppLock is a great app for smartphones with Android 6.0 or above having an attractive UI. It includes various features including delay app-locking, uninstallation prevention, and hiding PIN and pattern.

You can even temporarily disable the app for a specific period of time. The free version of the app contains ads. In short, the app is very simple and works very well to secure your apps.

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10. LOCX AppLock

The final one in our list is LOCX AppLock developed by It’s also a popular app on playstore with features of locking your apps, photos, videos, messages.

It can hide your private media inside a secured vault which is password-protected. The app is light-weight & consumes less memory. There are customized themes and you can choose different lock screen styles.

You can even disguise your app lock screen to prevent intrusion. Fingerprint scanner and fake force close dialog will hide the real lock screen.

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